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Poetry Online:
Eight poems (with MP3 readings, original music and art work, and Bill on piano) can be found on Beau Blue Presents: Bill Minor's Mortality Suite: A Broadside of Jazz Riffs: http://members.cruzio.com/~jjwebb--along with a Flash Animation reading of "Dreaming Sandra Bullock," in The Green Room section of Blue's Cruzio Cafe (same site).

Interviews with Bill Minor:
“Bill Minor, major contributor to the arts,” in Star Words: Inspirational Conversations with Extraordinary Monterey Peninsulans, by Susan Cantrell (see Susan’s website-- www.starwordsonline.com--for more information about this book).
Interview by Dennis Morton, July, 2002; Poetry Santa Cruz: http://www.baymoon.com/~poetrysantacruz/interviews/interviews.html

"On the Nature of Literary Friendship: Paul Oehler" (in On the Nature of Literary Friendship, edited and compiled by Robert Sward: http://webdelsol.com/f-friendship.htm)

Short Story:
"Drum Solo" from Confessions of a Hearing Impaired Jazz Critic (under Book Excerpts and Reviews: www.jazzhouse.org/library/)

Introduction to The Heart Within: Jazz Journeys to Japan:
"Introduction to the Heart Within: Jazz Journeys to Japan" (under International Reports: www.jazzhouse.org/library)
"The International Connection: Tommy Flanagan and Hisayuki Terai" (found under Player Profiles: www.jazzhouse.org/library)

Jazz Articles:
"Minutes of JJA Meeting, New Orleans, January 15, 2000" (under Jazz Awards: www.jazzhouse.org/library/)
"Monterey Jazz Festival/Jazz Journalists Association Alliance" (under Concert, Club & Fest Reports: www.jazzhouse.org/library)
”Diary of an Event Producer: JJA Benefit Concert, June 28, 2003, Carmel, CA (Under Jazz Awards: www.jazzhouse.org/library

Book Reviews of Work by William Minor:
Doug Ramsey on Monterey Jazz Festival: Forty Legendary Years (under Book Excerpts and Reviews: www.jazzhouse.org/library/)
Review of Some Grand Dust (poetry) in The Constant Reader (To find it, scroll down past the review of Bill's friend Robert Sward's book, Rosicrucian in the Basement). Elliot Ruchowitz-Roberts has written an in-depth review of Some Grand Dust for caesura, The Journal of Poetry Center San José. Both can be found on: http://www.chatoyant.com/press/book-dust.html.

"The Contract Doctor Is In”: Session 1, 2, 3, and 4 (all four articles under Publishing and Its Discontents: www.jazzhouse/org/library)

The Jazzwest Directory: William Minor (www.jazzwest.com/billminor/index.htm)